When does KarlMUN take place?

KarlMUN 2017 takes place from Thursday, November 16th until Sunday, November 19th, 2017 in Aachen, Germany. ‘KarlMUN rocks’ is already held prior to the conference on Wednesday evening (11.15.2017).
The weekend with the delegates’ preparation seminar and chair preparation camp will be held on Saturday October 21st and Sunday October 22nd, 2017.

How do I apply?

As a participant you can apply via the application form that you can find here.
Chairs can apply via the chair application form here.

When does the registration open?

The registration opens on July 5th.

When does the registration close?

The registration closes on October 6th.

Is MUN-experience required to apply for the conference?

No, there are several committees with varying degrees of difficulty and preparation is also provided at the delegates’ preparation seminar (DPS) and in various help guides. We will carefully read your application and we will take your level of experience into account for your placement.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, participants must be at least of age of consent (18 years old).

Can high school students participate?

Yes, as long as they meet the age restriction.


How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is 60€

When do I have to pay the registration fee?

Please pay the fee as soon as you have registered and filled in your application details. We can only consider your application for taking place at KarlMUN if you have paid the amount of 60€ until the application deadline, October 6th 2017.

How do I know you recieved my payment?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation, which will contain a confirmation that we received your payment. We will then also send you further information about the conference.

I cannot make it to KarlMUN. How do I get my money back?

Unfortunately, since we have a lot of fixed expenses e.g. food expenses, the only way to get your money back is if you find a replacement. Check our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for details.


Does the registration fee also include accommodation?

No, we do not provide you with accommodation. However, we try to organize for every participant who is not living in Aachen  free accommodation at the flat of participants living in Aachen.

How does the conveying work?

With your application you give your consent, that we transmit your personal details to potential hosts. We kindly ask all our participants and other students to become hosts during the application process. We then match you with a potential host and give the host your personal details. The host should then contact you via e-mail or phone.

Preparing for KarlMUN?

What is the DPS?

The Delegates preparation seminar (DPS) takes place on November 22. We will introduce the Rules of Procedure and some details about KarlMUN to you. You will also do some hands-on practice. We strongly advise all first MUNers to participate, for all others it’s really recommendable to participate.

How to prepare for the conference?

Preparation is the key to a successful conference. Therefore, we strongly recommend a well-founded research before the conference. The research should focus on three main points.

Normally your preparation starts with the study guide which we will provide to you after your application. Nevertheless, the research on your country can start even before that. More information and a detailed guide on research will be found in the conference guide, which will be given to you during the DPS.

Can I represent my own nation?

Yes and no. We assign nations based on the preferences you stated in your application. That may result in you representing your own nation. However, there is no definite way to influence which nation you will be assigned even though we try to find the best match.