Delegates' Preparation Seminar (DPS)

The Delegates' Preparation Seminar (DPS) prepares you for the upcoming KarlMUN conference. You will be introduced to this year’s subjects and obtain important recommendations for your research at home. Apart from the general backup, our Delegate-support-team as well as the chairs will be there to answer your specific questions and assist you on an individual level.

This year, our DPS is on the 22nd of October. In order to engage in high-level debates and fierce discussions, you should be well prepared and informed - therefore, we advise you to save the date and take part in the DPS.

KarlMUN 2017


Before the session of the councils start, all our participants have the opportunity to visit seminars about e.g. international affairs and trainings about e.g. stress managment and rethoric. It is a useful possibility to additionally learn soft skills and expand your knowledge. One seminar will be solely elaborating and practicing the topics of DPS. This seminar is also the last opportunity for anyone who could not attend the DPS to learn the basics.

In the afternoon, we will then officially open the KarlMUN conference 2017. The opening will be accompanied by a keynote from a guest speaker.


In the course of the conference, the participants become delegates of a nation that is part of a UN Committee. It is the actual event where you can practise your knowledge by debating.


At the end of the conference, we will host an exclusive Party for all our participants. You will be able to complete the event with us together in an unforgettable night.

KarlMUN rocks.

Referring to rudirockt, KarlMUN rocks is an event to meet one another in a relaxed atmosphere. You will be introduced to a team of 2 to 3 people and cook together one piece of a three-course menu. Your dish’s recipe should be an original one from your assigned nation or at least inspired by it. For dinner, two additional groups, who prepared the rest of the menu, will join your group and you will eat one piece of the course after another at the cook’s home. Every team receives its personal culinary route for the evening, so that you will not meet someone twice. For every course you will meet a wide range of delegates.

Every participant of KarlMUN 2017 can take part in KarlMUN rocks. Even if you do not live in Aachen or don’t have a kitchen available, we will introduce you to a team who does.